A wound dressing that supports the continuous debridement of slough with the benefit of silver
UrgoClean Ag in action, showing slough and debris removed from a wound.

Any continuous debridement solution
must be:

  1. Effective
    Continuously removes slough and wound debris and mitigates reformation of microbial colonies post sharp debridement.
  2. Accessible
    All caregivers can harness the benefits of sharp debridement, throughout the continuum of care.
  3. Easy & Comfortable
    Easy to use by healthcare providers and well tolerated by patients.


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urgoclean ag charged fibers
Charged fibers support the continuous debridement of slough
Fibrin, microorganisms, and wound residue attach to the negatively charged fibers to continuously clean the wound bed1,2,6
Fibers form a gel to promote moist wound healing2,3
Urgo's TLC ag matrix
Antimicrobial (Ag)
Fast, broad-spectrum, antimicrobial-barrier efficacy4
TLC-Ag matrix with sliver promotes healing and atraumatic, pain-free removal2

    Proven Efficacy

    The Largest Observational Study ever conducted for a silver dressing6
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    2270 patients including 77 under the age of 18 years old
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    After only 2 weeks, 90.6% of the wounds treated demonstrated improvement of the healing process
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    UrgoClean Ag effectively
    reduced exudate level by 70%
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    Over three weeks, there was a 79% increase in healthy granulation tissue and showing a significant reduction in slough & necrotic tissue
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    No intolerance to the dressing was documented
    SAWC poster ribbon award
    In a RCT, UrgoClean’s charged-fiber technology showed +50% greater debridement of slough compared to Hydrofiber® technology5
    % of desloughed wounds at conclusion of study
    urgoclean rct study data
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    See the effects of UrgoClean Ag

    Case 1 - Skin Necrosis
    • 23-year-old female 
    • Sharp debridement was performed at the hospital
    • After 10 days of treatment with UrgoClean Ag, the wound bed was ready for a skin graft and the patient was discharged from the hospital 
    a wound on a foot before using urgoclean ag
    a clean wound after using urgoclean ag
    Case 2 - Venous Leg Ulcer
    • Clinical signs of infection resolved
    • Dramatic reduction in pain at dressing changes 
    • Slough had reduced by 40%
    • Improvement of peri-wound skin
    • Wound size & depth reduction with new epithelial tissue present 
    an ankle wound before using urgoclean ag
    a clean ankle wound after using urgoclean ag
    Dressing Removal
    removing an urgoclean ag dressing to reveal slough
    removing urgoclean ag to reveal much slough

    How to use

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    Step 1: Clean the wound following your cleansing protocol, such as Vashe® Wound Solution.
    Do not moisten UrgoClean Ag.

    Step 2: Pat the wound dry with a sterile gauze.

    Step 3: When appropriate, maintain a sharp debridement protocol as needed.

    Step 4: Cut or fenestrate as needed.
    example 1 of how to cut UrgoClean Ag
    example 2
 of how to cut UrgoClean Ag
    example 3 of how to cut UrgoClean Ag
    Step 5: Apply the brown, diamond-pattern side of the dressing to the wound. 

    Step 6: Cover with a secondary dressing appropriate for wound type, level of exudate, and the location (Drawtex® for instance).

    Step 7: Replace the dressing every 1 to 3 days, but it can be left in place for up to 7 days. Adjust according to the clinical assessment of the wound and the level of exudate.

    Product information

    A box of UrgoClean Ag
    Product Code
    HCPC Code
    UrgoClean Ag – 2.5 in x 2.5 in
    10 each/box
    UrgoClean Ag – 4 in x 5 in
    10 each/box
    UrgoClean Ag – 6 in x 8 in
    5 each/box
    UrgoClean Ag 2.5 in x 2.5 in
    Product Code: 603070
    Units: 10 each/box
    HCPC Code: A6196

    UrgoClean Ag 4 in x 5 in
    Product Code: 603071
    Units: 10 each/box
    HCPC Code: A6197

    UrgoClean Ag 6 in x 8 in
    Product Code: 603073
    Units: 5 each/box
    HCPC Code: A6197

    Clinical support

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    1. Lazareth I, et al. The role of a silver releasing lipido-colloid contact layer invenous leg ulcers presenting inflammatory signs suggesting heavy bacterial colonization: Results of a randomized controlled study. Wounds. 2008;20(6):158–66. 2. UrgoClean Ag data on file. 3. Desroche al., Characterization of the antimicrobial spectrum and anti-biofilm activity of a new silver-containing dressing with poly-absorbent fibres and antimicrobial silver matrix. Poster EWMA May 2016. 4. PercivalSL, et al., Slough and biofilm: removal of barriers to wound healing by desloughing. J Wound Care. 2015 Nov;24(11):498, 500-3, 506-10. 5. Meaume, S., Dissemond, J., Addala, A. Evaluation of two fibrous wounddressings for the management of leg ulcers: results of a European randomised controlled trial (EARTH RCT). J Wound Care 2014; 23: 3, 105-116. 6. Dissemond J, Dietlein M, Neβeler L, Funke L, ScheuermannO, Becker E, Thomassin L, Möller U, Bohbot S, Múnter KC. Use of a TLC-Ag dressing on 2270 patients with wounds at risk or with signs of local infection: an observational study. J Wound Care. 2020, Mar2;29(3):162-173.