We work to make a difference,

for patients and professionals

A life unhindered by wounds
is within reach for patients, but it starts with you.

Urgo Medical empowers and equips healthcare professionals to make a difference in their patients’ lives, providing solutions throughout the healing process while minimizing the pain and burden of wound care.

Join our team and help change patients’ lives for the better.

Our Culture

Being a part of our team means being a part of our culture. At Urgo, we have defined three Pillars of Success. These pillars have been adopted globally. Every Urgo employee around the world has committed to uphold and develop themselves in these areas:

Urgo Pillars of Success Title
Learning organization pillar poster
winning mindset pillar poster
engage pillar poster

Learning Organization

It’s possible to learn something from just about anyone, so we developed a culture of continuous learning and improvement.  We prioritize learning at all levels with the aim of improving our collective knowledge, enhancing individual and team capabilities, fostering innovation, and adapting to the changing needs of our professional environment. This continuous learning process enables Urgo to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving business world.

Winning Mindset

We’ve adopted a set of attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors focused on personal and collective growth.  A winning mindset isn’t solely about winning at all costs, it’s about maintaining a positive and proactive mindset that enables us to achieve our goals. We set clear goals, embrace challenges, and continuously strive for improvement.

Engaged Teams

We’re in this together. We’re invested in each other’s success. We succeed as a team or not at all. Engaging Teams means collaboration, open communication, and a sense of belonging to everyone within the organization. This creates a positive and motivating work environment where team members feel valued, empowered, and motivated to perform at their best.

What’s it like to work at Urgo?

“Working for Urgo has exceeded all my expectations. Many companies preach culture, but at Urgo you can actually feel it. Everyone’s voice matters and, more importantly, our products are category leaders that change patients’ lives. Our training program is world class – from day one. I recommend Urgo to anyone looking to make a difference in the wound care community!”

- Derek M.

"Our training program empowers account managers to be successful immediately. We focus on skills, wound care, and products. Our culture is one of sharing best practices so we all can win together. While we continue to grow rapidly, I’m proud of how we stay true to our culture. Our entrepreneurial spirit is strong. Everyone supports each other... because when we win – patients benefit."

- Courtney L.

"Urgo’s commitment to my success has been nothing but exemplary. From day one I felt welcomed, mentored, and supported every day. The culture is everything I was promised and more. I have a new sense of passion for patients suffering from wounds and that passion motivates me to go out and help these patients get back to their normal lives. It’s why I get up every day. Urgo Medical’s leadership, culture and organization has made me a better Account Manager.”

Greg P.

"Coming from the healthcare field, it was essential I join a patient-centered organization with an evidence-based product portfolio. Urgo has exceeded my expectations in this regard. I feel supported by our team at Urgo to confidently and passionately work with clinicians, providing the very best wound care products to their patients.”

- Kassi H.

" I love working for a company that not only focuses on their growth in the market but is equally dedicated to growing the team supporting it. Urgo invests in their employees: from training programs, open communication, maintaining a positive culture, to promoting from within. There are so many areas you can grow into at Urgo. They do a fantastic job in guiding you to success.”

- Samatha R.

Ready to step up your game?

Our mission is clear.
Our culture is infectious.
Our people are the best in the industry.

Urgo Medical North America is one of the fastest-growing companies in advanced wound care, and we need people who are able to grow and adapt just as quickly. Urgo is a challenging, yet immensely rewarding place to work.

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Corporate Opportunities

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